Colorado’s Marijuana Laws: For Your Cannabis Vacation

Colorado is one of the earliest states to legalize the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. As long as you are 21 years old or older, you have the constitutional right to purchase and consume one ounce or 28 grams of THC. All you need to do is show an identification proving your age, using either a passport or a driver’s license.

Tourist’s THC possession

There is no need for a registration in order to possess 28 grams of marijuana, unless if the residents are applying to obtain medical marijuana cards in the state. In the past, the tourists are not allowed to possess more than 7 grams of marijuana, but recently the law was amended and both residents and visitors can now buy 28 grams of THC in a single transaction. However, since there is a grey area in that law concerning the term “single transaction”, dispensaries in Colorado plays it safe by only selling 28 grams of marijuana to one customer per day.

Marijuana Equivalency guidelines

As a tourist visiting Colorado, you need to make yourself updated with the modified laws in Colorado regarding the use of marijuana. The MED or Marijuana Enforcement Division in the state of Colorado conducted research studies concerning the amount of THC equivalent found in marijuana edibles and concentrates in connection to the flower form of marijuana.

Starting October 1, 2016, the Marijuana Equivalency guidelines were issued by MED that has rules about the recreational sales of marijuana:

  • 1oz Flower = 8g of Concentrate
  • 1oz Flower = 800mg of Edibles

Colorado store hours

The marijuana stores in Colorado are open from 8am, but many stores differ in their closing times. Some stores close until 12 midnight, following the law, and some closes at 10pm. It is best to check the internet for store hours in a Colorado city that you will be visiting, to make sure that you can purchase what you need in the right time.

Where to legally consume marijuana

Though it is legal to possess marijuana in Colorado, you need to be discreet in your consumption. No individual is allowed to consume marijuana openly and in public, otherwise you’ll get a ticket and get fined. Though bars and concert venues are technically private, they are publicly accessible and so it is prohibited to use marijuana in these places.

There are cannabis lounges that require you to bring your own marijuana products, and there are also social consumption lounges, and some private cannabis clubs that are open for individuals 21 years or above. Tourists enjoy these clubs because they can smoke their weed together with other tourists and locals and gain new friendship in the vacation.

To be on the safe side, you can consume edibles or use a portable vaporizer, and since they do not emit any odor, you can safely and discreetly consume marijuana almost anywhere in the state of Colorado without attracting attention from the local police force.

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