The Five Best Dating Spots In London

In a city as vast as the English capital, there is no shortage of dating spots to go to. This can make dating even more complicated than it already is. We’ve made this list to help you out. You’ll see that picking up girls in London is only the beginning of an exciting quest for romance.

1. Skylon, Royal Festival Hall

At first glance, it may seem like this touristy area isn’t the best choice for a first date. Apart from being crowded, it’s also quite expensive. With some insider tips, you’ll find there is more to it than meets the eye. Southbank Centre has a fun poetry, theatre, and dance program all year round. It is home to The Globe, Shakespeare’s theater. If that’s not your thing, check out a 3D flick at the huge Odeon BFI Imax.

Follow your date with a promenade by the water and a good meal. Locals recommend the delicious street food at the Real Food Market, open early on Fridays and Sundays.

2. Banya No. 1

“Banya” means “bath” or “sauna” in Russian. This place is an authentic Russian spa for the more adventurous of you. It’s located in Hoxton, and you and your date will be treated to full-body detox, naked, for several hours. (You can waive the part with the twigs).

3. The Palomar

The Palomar area is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. If you want to impress your date, this is the place to go. Gin fans should head to the Golden Square’s Graphic Bar with its absolutely first-class martini selection. The Blind Pig combines an inventive drinks menu with a casual, yet elegant setting. As for dinner, the nice and professional staff on Palomar’s Rupert Street serves delectable cuisine from Jerusalem. It is the perfect place for a memorable and enjoyable first date with absolutely no chance of awkward silence.

4. Barbican Conservatory

The Barbican Conservatory is an island of tranquility in the bustling capital. Concealed within the brutalist-style Barbican estate and centre, this rainforest features thousands of species of tropical trees and plants. It is now the largest conservatory in the city after Kew Gardens, home to greenery from everywhere from the Brazilian coastline to the bushlands of South Africa. A lot of the flora is comprised of endangered species.

5. Toto’s, Knightsbridge

Admittedly, this area is a bit exclusive, but we must make sacrifices in the name of a good first date. After all, the first date sets the stage for later interactions. There are some amazing bars and restaurants hiding behind the rows of pricey designer shops and parked Bentleys for you to discover, like Toto’s.

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