Things to do in Boulder Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, has proven in the recent years that their municipality is the best place to live in, as they have accumulated many awards in the field of well-being, healthcare, education, quality of life, and art. Boulder has been ranked as the number one Top 10 Happiest Cities, Best Cities to Raise an Outdoor Kid, America’s Foodiest Town, Top Brainiest Cities, Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, America’s Top 25 Towns to Live and Retire, and Lesser-Known LGBT Family-Friendly Cities. They have many more awards received, and the numerous accolades entice its residents to stay, and attract others to transfer residence there.

Fun things to do

There are hundreds of things that can be done in a way of fun and recreation in the fantastic place of Boulder. Because the municipality is mostly sunny for the whole year, outdoor activities are often indulged in by the residents, as well as the tourists.

Rock climbing

Boulder is blessed with acres of conservation easements, recreational space, and nature preserves that envelope 61,529 acre of open space that is open for the public’s use. Near the Eldorado Springs, in the small settlement community, breathtaking rock climbing sport can be done, as well as in the city’s open space, and Boulder Canyon.

10km road run

The Bolder Boulder 10km road run has been a tradition every Memorial Day ever since 1979, and is the world’s largest road races, which comprise of more than 50,000 runners, walkers, joggers, and wheelchair racers.

Be part of music

The Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra has been around since 1958, and soul-searing orchestra is being led by the Music Director Mr. Michael Butterman. And the Colorado Music Festival founded in 1976 by the talented Mr. Giora Bernstein gives a summer concert presentation in the historic wooden building of Chautauqua Auditorium.

Take a polar bear plunge

Every year on New Year’s Eve, hundreds of individuals go to the Boulder Reservoir to take part of the yearly polar bear plunge, where the participants plunges themselves into the low temperature water. This event started in 1983, and usually for charitable causes. Since this is in a way risky, there are rescue teams that are watching the whole freezing event, and right after the cold plunge, the swimmers enjoys the hot tubs found in the reservoir beach.

Naked Halloween Run

The naked pumpkin run was invented in 1998, where every Halloween, dozens of individuals are running in the streets with only their shoes and a hallow pumpkin covering their heads. This indecent exposure has been threatened by the police in 2009, and since then the participants had been careful not to be officially charged, but locals can still witness the event.

April 20

420 have been celebrated for many years by thousands of individuals on the CU Boulder campus before and at exactly 4:20pm.

Bicycle ride

The Boulder Cruiser Ride is a weekly event with participants decorating their bikes, wearing costumes, and have themes that are essential to the traditional cruiser activity.

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